About X51 Sorties

X51 sorties are special flyouts we do with a virtual pilot on public PVP servers (IL-2, DCS and War Thunder) where all the stats are tracked. Each action, such as kills, assists, aircraft losses etc have an effect on the total XP gained by your virtual pilot, and therefore, their rank. If your pilot is captured or killed during the sortie, they are gone permenantly and you have to create a new one with zero XP and starting rank.

Creating a Sortie

The sortie is created by lead. They then send the link to all participants, who fill in their combat log.
As in real life, these statistics need to be filled in manually. You must keep track of your kills, assists and such throughout the sortie and, also like in real life, we will be on the look out for exaggerations!
A list of all sorties can be seen on the virtual sorties page.

The Virtual Pilot

You are allowed one active pilot per allegiance (allies or axis). For DCS sorties this will refer to "blue" or "red" sides respectively. You can view your current active pilots, and all of your previous dead or captured ones on the " My Pilots" page.


Each action (kills, assists, aircraft losses etc) comes with either a set amount of XP, or an XP modifer. These are currently as follows:
Air kills: 50 XP
Assists: 10 XP
Ground kills: 10 XP
Mission successes: 50 XP
Mission failures: 20 XP
If you lose your aircraft during the sortie, your XP will be halved. If you die or get captured, your pilot gets the XP, but you must create a new pilot with 0 starting XP.


As you gain XP, your pilot will automatically "level up" and be promoted. The ranks and XP brackets are as follows for WWII allies and axis:
0-100: Lieutenant/Leutnant
100-300: Senior Lieutenant/Oberleutnant
300-600: Captain/Hauptmann
600-1000: Major/Major
1000-1500: Lieutenant Colonel/Oberstleutnant
1500+: Colonel/Oberst