Available Missions

Upload Mission
ID Platform Name Description Mission File Briefing File Upload Date Uploader Actions
1 War Thunder arcade_phiphi_crater_rocks_wingball_ad.blk divine's test mission N/A 2020-03-03 wazzerbosh
3 IL-2 x51v3.msnbin IL-2 Training mission N/A 2020-03-09 vaudoo
5 DCS IADS_attack_v1_1.miz Operation Raze Barad-Dur. IADS simulation (turbine hall strike mission) Persian Gulf. Briefing: https://news.x51squadron.com/p/f30e2321-bb73-4622-8d99-ff74c757096f/ N/A 2020-03-24 wazzerbosh
6 DCS debut_race_2.miz X51 Debut Challenge Stage One: Tree Top Coast N/A 2020-03-30 wazzerbosh
7 DCS debut_race_3.miz X51 Debut Challenge Stage Two: Water Snake N/A 2020-03-30 wazzerbosh
8 DCS debut_race_4.miz X51 Debut Challenge Stage Three: Snow Spiral N/A 2020-03-30 wazzerbosh
9 DCS huey_relay.miz Huey Relay Race (5th Anniversary event) N/A 2020-03-30 wazzerbosh
10 DCS rotary_training_ground.miz Huey Training Ground. Used for general Huey training missions. CTLD enabled with practice ranges. N/A 2020-03-30 wazzerbosh
11 DCS special_forces_evac.miz Special forces evac mission for Huey Ops. N/A 2020-03-30 wazzerbosh
12 DCS c130_CSAR.miz C-130 CSAR mission in bad snowy weather. For Huey Ops. N/A 2020-03-30 wazzerbosh
13 DCS stakeout.miz Stakeout mission where a target must be followed at night to a meet location that is raided by a Huey task force. For Huey Ops. N/A 2020-03-30 wazzerbosh
15 DCS operation_gyges2.miz Operation Blind Sword. Attacking a damaged carrier in port for repairs with Viggens. 2020-03-30 wazzerbosh